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Editing is the way to turn your photos from nice to stunning

In my editing process, I switch between Lightroom and Photoshop

in order to maximize the potential of the RAW file.

In addition, my focus is all about keeping the image clean as possible so that no element steals the focus from the model.

Good editing can turn any photo that comes out of your camera into a work of art!



* Lightroom basics

* Lightroom masks

* 'Flat' your RAW file

* Cleaning your photo in PS

* Make the photo more interesting

* Locating the light in the right position

* Giving the photos magical vibes

* Lightroom 'mastering' touches



For my coaching you have to know the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop.


I offer a one on one zoom meeting,

in which we will edit 3 photos together with you so you can see my workflow and ask any questions you have. 

The session is limited to 3 hours,

the edited photos can be mine photos or your photos if you want.

After the meeting you can always contact me for any question you have.


You will receive a recording of the session.

The price for the coaching is

200 euros via PayPal

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